A dense white stoneware which can be stained to produce a wide variety of colors, blue being the most commonly recognized. Introduced by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770s, at first only small plaques and cameos were made, but technological advances eventually permitted the production of vases and large decorative items. A number of potters made jasper although examples from the Spode factory are rarely seen.
John Brooks
John Brooks was an Irishman who served an apprenticeship as an engraver in Birmingham. In 1753 he left Birmingham to manage the Battersea enamel works in London. The origins of transfer-printing on pottery are obscure but Brooks made three unsuccessful attempts to secure a patent for transfer printing between 1751 and 1755. The second application in 1754 specified “the art of printing on enamel, Glass, China and other Ware History Portraits Landskips Foliages Coats of Arms Ciphers Letters Decorations and other Devices'.