Pattern Category: Other Floral and Botanical Patterns

Alternate Names: Pattern 113

Object Type: Dinner and Dessert Wares


This pattern is shown on an earthenware dinner plate with gadrooned edge and is printed in blue with brown colored in underglaze. It is Spode B pattern number 113.  The name may have originated as a factory name.  If you look at the outside of the pattern you will see an unusual frog-like figure that seems to hang rather inexplicably from one of the leaves in the large vase.  Frog was a popular pattern for Spode, and it was produced in a number of different color combinations.  It was first made in 1821 and was still being produced in the Spode New Stone body in 1833, when Copeland & Garrett took over the Spode works. The Spode Museum Collection holds an example of this pattern on a plate with the caption in script on the back: "Used at the Coronation of His Majesty George the 4th - 19th July 1821." 

Mark Types and IDs

Impressed 2a

Transfer Printed 33