Indian Sporting

Spode originated the Indian Sporting series c. 1809.  The source of this multi-scene service is the publication of monthly issues by Edward Orme of Bond Street, London, entitled Oriental Field Sports, Wild Sports of the East written by Captain Thomas Williamson and illustrated by Samuel Howitt. 

The name of the scene was frequently printed on the back of the earthenware shapes, however Spode did not aways faithfully follow the names originally assigned to the prints.  This series was primarily printed on dinner services.

Battle Between a Buffalo and a Tiger
Border Pattern, Indian Sporting
Chase after a Wolf
Common Wolf Trap Adaptation
Common Wolf Trap Adaptation, Indian Sporting
Composite for Sauce Tureen Lid, Indian Sporting
Composite for Sauce Tureen Stand, Indian Sporting
Death of the Bear
Dooreahs Leading out Dogs
Driving a Bear out of Sugar Canes
Groom Leading Out
Hog Hunters Meeting By Surprise a Tigress and Her Cubs
Hunting a Buffalo
Hunting a Civet Cat
Hunting a Hog Deer
Koomkies Leaving the Male
Shooting a Leopard in a Tree
Shooting at the Edge of a Jungle
The Dead Hog
The Hog at Bay
The Hog Deer at Bay