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Pattern Category: Other Literature, Mythology and the Arts

Object Type: Toilet and Personal Hygiene


  • Length: 20.5 inches


Exhibited here is an elaborately decorated earthenware footbath printed in blue underglaze in the Musicians pattern. 

The pattern that surrounds the footbath consists of  selected vignettes of musical scenes in a village or rural setting.  They were selected from the seven distinct patterns that make up the Musicians complete design:  1) villagers dancing to bagpipes, 2) villagers linking hands around a pole bearing six spheres which may be lanterns, 3) a woman singing while another accompanies on a spinet, 4)  a couple standing before a church with spire, 5) a pipe organ, and 6) a string quartet playing from music on a circular table, and 7) four gentlemen drinking and smoking at a table accompanied by two fiddlers on a balcony.  Spode printed these scenes in combination or  individually on a variety of toilet wares and other useful objects. A hand bowl and extinguisher tray, or  candle snuffer, are other examples also included in this exhibit.

Drakard/Holdway Pattern Number P706

Mark Types and IDs

Transfer Printed 31