Caramanian Pattern Source

All of the patterns in Spode's "Caramanian" series were copied from, or in a very few cases, inspired by aquatints in Views of the Ottoman Empire, published in London in 1803 by Robert Bowyer.  The artist, Luigi Mayer, of German extraction but raised in Rome, accompanied Sir Robert Ainslie, the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, on his travels.  He also produced similar books on Palestine and Egypt.  The border elements for the "Caramanian" series come from aquatints in Oriental Field Sports, which was also the source for Spode's "Indian Sporting" series.

A Caramanian Family Changing Its Abode
A Colossal Vase near Limisso in Cyprus
A Rhinoceros Hunted by Elephants
A Tiger Prowling Through a Village
An Ancient Bath at Cacamo in Caramania
Ancient Granary at Cacamo
Antique Fragments at Limisso
Colossal Sarcophagus near Castle Rosso
Necropolis or Cemetery of Cacamo
Part of the Harbour at Macri
Principal Entrance of the Harbour of Cacamo
Ruins of an Ancient Temple near Corinth
Sarcophagi & Sepulchres at the Head of the Harbour of Cacamo
Sices or Grooms Leading out Horses
The Castle of Boudron in the Gulf of Stancio
The City of Corinth
The Return from Hog Hunting
The Triumphal Arch of Tripoli in Barbary