Greek Pattern Source

The designers and engravers at Spode relied on illustrations from three separate publications for inspiration to develop their Greek series.  These publications endeavored to record and make available to the public Sir William Hamilton's invaluable collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan vases.   Selected designs on these ancient vases were used to create the center designs for the series.  Exhibited here are prints from all three publications:  The complete Collection of Antiquities from the cabinet of Sir William Hamiltonby D'HANCARVILLE, published in four volumes 1767-1776;  Collection of Engravings from Ancient Vases of Greek Workmanship Discovered in Sepulchres in The Kingdom of The Two Sicilies now in the Possession of Sir William Hamilton, by Wilhelm TISCHBEIN, published in three volumes starting in 1791;  Outlines from the figures and compositions upon the Greek Roman and Etruscan vases of the late Sir William Hamilton, engraved by KIRK and published in 1804. 

A Domestic Ceremony
A Wreath For a Victor
A Wreath For a Victor 2
Apollo Seated on a Winged Chair
Apollo Seated on a Winged Chair 2
Artemis Drawn by Griffin and Lynx
Artemis With Two Lynx
Attack of the Griffin
Attack of the Griffin 2
Bacchus Mounted on a Panther
Bellerephon's Victory Over Chimera
Centaurs Battling Theseus
Ceres With a Priestess
Cynisca Winning the Chariot Race
Four Figures in Battle
Heracles Fighting Hippolyta
Heracles in a Comedy
Horse and Dismounted Rider
Iphigenia Being Told of the Death of Agamemnon
Iphigenia Being Told of the Death of Agamemnon 2
Latona and the Serpant
Nuptial Preparations
Nuptial Preparations 2
Offering of a Drink
Offerings to Bacchus
Offerings to Demeter
Refreshment for Phliasian Horseman
Rowboat Fisherman
Sacrifice to Bacchus
The Feast
The Horse Race
The Horse Race 2
Zeus in His Chariot
Zeus in His Chariot 2