Spode Timeline 1733 - 1833

Historical Timeline

Josiah Spode I was born

In 1733 Josiah Spode was born and christentend at St. Peter ad Vincula, the parish church of Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire

1754 Josiah Spode I married Ellen Findlay

1784 - Blue Printing

1784 - War broke out

Ceramics Timeline

 Spode family

Spode earthenware 1760s-70s

Spode stonewares of the late 18th century

Spode blue printing

Spode bone china

Spode stone china

Spode felspar porcelain

Spode color printing

Spode's stonewares

Spode joined other Staffordshire manufacturers in producing a range of stonewares including caneware, black basalt, and jasper ware. These unglazed pieces often had crisply molded details  in the neo-classical taste and occaisionally were enlivened with enamel painted colors.

More on Spode stoneware

Teapot, caneware, impressed SPODE, 1780-1800. Norfolk Museums Service