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These books from the bibliography are still available for purchase.  They are illustrated with stock images, click to order. 

b&Wspodewillowspode marks
Copeland, Robert.  Blue
and White Transfer-Printed Pottery (Shire
Library) - Paperback (Mar. 4, 2008)
Copeland, Robert. Spode.
The Shire Book. 
Second Edition 1998 -

Copeland, Robert.  Spode's
Willow Pattern and Other Designs
after the Chinese. 
Third Edition 1999 - Hardcover

Copeland, Robert.  Spode
& Copeland Marks and other
relevent intelligence.  
Second Revised Edition
1997 - Hardcover

 drakard 1  
Drakard, David & Holdway, Paul. 
Spode Transfer Printed Ware 1784-1833. 
Second Edition, 2002 - Hardcover

Smith, Steven.  Spode & Copeland,
Over Two Hundred Years of
Fine China and Porcelain. 
2005- Hardcover
 Moore, Nicholas.
Spode Greek.
Nicholas Moore Publishing
2010 - Paperback
 Wilkinson, Vega.
The Works and its People,
2002 - Hardcover


  Sack, Michael.  India on Transferware. 2009 - PaperbackCopeland, Robert.  Manufacturing Processes of Tableware during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries,  2009 - NCS Publications