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Hot Press Printing


“A thick firm oil is required to keep the different parts of the design from flowing into a mass, or becoming confused, while under the pressure of the rubber in the process of transferring. A sheet of paper, of the necessary size and of a peculiarly thin texture, called ‘pottery tissue,’ after being saturated with a thin solution of soap and water, is placed upon the copper plate, and being put under the action of the press, the paper is carefully drawn off attain (the engraving being placed upon the stove), bringing with it the colour by which the plate was charged, constituting the pattern.”

det 5“This impression is given to the ‘cutter;’ who cuts away the superfluous paper about it; and if the pattern consists of a border and a centre, the border is separated from the centre as being more convenient to fit to the ware when divided.” 

 “It is then laid by a transferrer upon the ware, and rubbed with a small piece of soaped flannel to fix it, and afterwards with a rubber formed of rolled flannel. This rubber is applied to the impression very forcibly, the friction causing the colour to adhere firmly to the bisque surface, by which it is partially imbibed;”




wood det 4

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