Robert Copeland has documented eight distinct versions of blue produced by the Spode factory, but variations often occurred.  Early designs were printed in a very dark blue.  As knowledge of the use of cobalt evolved, the factory produced wares in different hues--from midnight blue to versions with more red, such as royal blue, to mandarin, and some in lighter shades--all in an effort to respond to their customers preferences.


The Fox and the Sick Lion
The Fox and the Tiger
The Hog at Bay
The Hog Deer at Bay
The Horse and the Loaded Ass
The Horse Race
The Horseman
The Leopard and the Fox
The Lion in Love
The Oak and the Reed
The Offering of a Drink
The Sow and the Wolf
The Triumphal Arch of Tripoli in Barbary
The Turk
The Wolf and the Crane
The Wolf and the Lamb
The Wolf, the Lamb and the Goat
Three Figures and Sarcophagus
Trophies Dagger (Fitzhugh)
Trophies Dagger (Fitzhugh) Variation
Trophies Etruscan
Trophies Nankin
Turkish Castle
Two Figures II
Two Figures II - Trellis Border
Union Wreath First
Union Wreath Third