Pattern Category: European and Mediterranean

Object Type: Wares for Breakfast and Tea


  • Diameter: 6.4 inches


This earthenware tea plate is printed with Spode's popular Tower pattern, framed by the same border found in the Milkmaid pattern.  This pattern was used not only on table wares, but was printed on a number of different utility shapes as well.  Its popularity and production lasted well into the twentieth centrury.  Continuing interest in the pattern is reflected in twenty-first century reprodcutions. The center view was inspired by a print of the Bridge of Salaro,  published by J. Merigot and R. Edwards in London, 1796-98, in their book entitled Views of Rome and its Vicinity.  The source print is included below.  Click on it to enlarge.

Drakard/Holdway Pattern Number P714

Mark Types and IDs

Impressed 4

Workman's Mark Painted 33