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Purpose of Spode Exhibition Online

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 Spode Exhibition Online is an educational website
created by a world-wide community of collectors and institutions
to showcase Spode’s transfer printed patterns. 

Although the factory continued until the 21st century, and at various periods has used the Spode name for its products, the content of these pages concentrates on the period 1733-1833, from the birth of Josiah Spode I to the cessation of the Spode family interests in the company.  To include patterns introduced under Copeland & Garrett (1833-47), Copeland (1847-1970), and Spode (1970-2009) may have been desirable but was impossible within the 12 months timeframe for this project.

Set in an historical and industrial context, this exhibition has endeavored to provide the most comprehensive resource for the study of Spode printed designs and their sources. You are invited to submit information or digital images of pattern versions, shapes, colors, and sources not currently included in this website to further enhance the exhibition. Contact us

Dating Spode printed wares by design alone is not possible as many of the patterns remained in production for decades and some for almost two centuries, for that reason, you may not find dates on all the pattern pages. A combination of design, shape, and marks may help in dating individual pieces and you can research this information using the resources listed in the bibliography, particularly the books by Robert Copeland and by David Drakard & Paul Holdway.

Identification and appraisals
The purpose of this exhibition is to provide historical information; we cannot provide identification or appraisal services. The following organizations can help you find a qualified appraiser in your area: