Based on Chinese Originals

While many of the early hot press printed patterns developed by Spode were in the Chinese style, the patterns exhibited here have been identified as close reproductions of Chinese Export porcelain designs or as containing dominant elements of these earlier hand painted patterns. 

Bridge II
Broseley, Reversed
Buffalo 1
Buffalo 2
Dagger Landscape First
Dragon First
Dragon Second
Lange Lijsen
Mandarin I
Mandarin II
Pearl River House
Peony and Willow
Queen Charlotte Variation
Riverside Pavilion
Rock I
Rock II
Temple Landscape Second
Temple Landscape Second with Dagger Border
Temple, Variation with Nankin
Temple-Landscape, variation Parasol
Trophies Dagger (Fitzhugh)
Trophies Etruscan
Trophies Marble
Trophies Marble
Trophies Nankin
Two Figures II
Willow 1
Willow 2