piece work
In the Staffordshire Pottery industry piece-work employees are paid a fixed "piece rate" for each item of pottery they produce. It can be considered a form of performance-related pay. Day-wage on the other hand guaranteed a fixed income calculated on daily attendance distinct for piece rate or salary. Depending on the skill and speed of the operative, piece-work could be more lucrative for the worker.
plate presser
In the late 18th 19th centuries plates were made by pressing sheets of clay onto molds. The mold formed the front of the plate, the plate maker threw a circle of clay onto the mold, and smoothing and pressing into shape, eventually using tools to trim excess and to form a footring.
A hard dense white ceramic that is translucent.
To create a print a design has to be cut into a sheet of copper. One or more of the following techniques may be used to create a design.